Engineers for Community Welfare (ECW)

IPP-US Partner in Community Empowerment

Engineers for Community Welfare (ECW) is a social enterprise focused on addressing social disparities in the society and striving to serve as the prime driver for socio-economic prosperity across communities at large. ECW team endeavors to undertake initiatives with a deep purpose and meaningful impact in our communities.

Since its inception ECW is proudly serving the community in Pakistan by successfully,

1.    Running its 83-Special Electrical Alumni Scholarship program for needy and academically sound students in UET Lahore (around Pak Rs. 3 Million disbursed),

2.    Operating Trainee Engineers program (17 engineers have benefited from this program),

3.    Establishing Digital System Design Lab at EE UET (Worth Pak Rs. 10 Million),

4.    Mentoring and financially supporting the final-year project program on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM),

5.    Establishing a pathology lab in Lahore worth Pak Rs. 50 Million, and signing an MoU between ECW & Al-Khidmat Foundation for the operation of this lab, and

6.    Joining hands with IPP-US for its New-Venture Contest 2022 and 2023.


We are proud of our achievements and endeavor to continue serving the communities in homeland. We hope every one of us is already delivering his best and will continue in the future to serve this country as well as our nation in the best possible way. 

How can you Support us.

a.    Donations

b.    Fundraising

c.    Volunteer

If you wish to contribute to our ongoing projects, please visit our website to reach out to us or send us an email