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Advance the mission of IPP-US by becoming an ambassaor. 

The 2024 New Venture Contest

Become an NVC Sponsor and Increase the Visibility of your Business

The deadline for submitting 2024 NVC proposals has now passed - Stay tuned for the 2025 contest to be announced in Aug 2024

The competition rules are available here.

NVC 2024 Timeline

Nov 5, 2023 – Executive summary submission deadline for the qualifying round

Nov 12 to Dec 10, 2023 – Executive summaries assessment

Dec 25, 2023 – Announcement of (10) semi-finalists

Feb 4, 2024 – Submission of detailed business plan for the final round

Feb 17 to Mar 3, 2024 – Interviews and presentations

April 17, 2024 – Finals round and awards presentation

Winners of 2023 New Venture Contest

1st Position - $15,000
Smart and Safe Helmet

The Smart and Safe Helmet prioritizes rider safety and features a key detection capability that allows accurate monitoring of helmet usage. Its advanced sensors and intelligent technology provide real-time insights, ensuring enhanced safety and compliance for riders.  This helmet is currently undergoing the rigorous ECE 2.06 safety certification. 

2nd Position - $10,000
Vending Machines for Sanitary Napkins

GoVend is a FemTech Startup aiming to improve the accessibility of feminine hygiene products by providing sanitary napkin vending machines to educational institutions, offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places.


3rd Position - $5,000
Reducing Plastic Bottles Waste

Technokrates is a pioneering project aimed at spearheading a paradigm shift in the construction industry by providing sustainable building solutions and combatting the mounting challenge of plastic waste. Our mission is to provide economically viable and eco-friendly alternatives that foster positive environmental and societal impact. 

Past NVC Competitions

NVC 2023
The final round of NVC 2023 was held in Lahore on May 2, 2023.  More details about the 2023 competition is available at this link.

NVC 2022
The final round of NVC 2022 was held in Lahore on May 13, 2022.  More details about the 2022 competition is available at this link.

Vision of IPP US

Employment Creation

Our core mission is to alleviate poverty through job creation. This can be achieved by investing in small businesses and by empowering entrepreneurs who can invest their energies in building/creating new products

Poverty Reduction

Our major goal is poverty reduction through job creation. By empowering people with skills, we can provide for their needs both within their families and the overall community to grow local economies and bring prosperity

Measurable Change

We endeavor to mentor and support enterprises that are environment, human and animal friendly. Businesses that have positive impact on the economy by providing jobs to the poor and by attempting to reduce imports

Our Flagship Project

New Venture Contest (NVC)

There are many small business ideas that people aspire for but cannot pursue due to lack of resources, guidance, and encouragement.  In 2022, the principals of IPP-US decided to launch a competition of business ideas aimed for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.  The winning projects are not only financed through no-interest loans, but the winning teams are guided by subject-matter experts and business professionals to make them successful.  It ultimately serves to fulfill the mission for which IPP-US was formed.  

How it Works?
Interest-free Financing

Grassroots microfinancing organizations offer training, support, and a reliable method of saving, borrowing, and growing a business. Individuals begin saving. Farmers help each other prepare their farms.

Group Support

Support enterprises, which are environment, human and animal friendly. Small groups train together and support each other in planning their income. Aim is improvement of family nutrition, health, and schooling levels.


Efforts are to help job creation and poverty reduction by supporting entrepreneurial business efforts that can be assessed as impactful for boosting the economy.


People who have struggled have transformed themselves into donors and leaders, helping their neighbors, solving community issues.


IPP’s partners strive to get people on the ladder to climb out of extreme poverty. IPP’s role is to widen the rungs: we get as many people as possible on the ladder.

Our Partners

We are partnering with like-minded organizations, who are striving for community empowerment.  Click below to learn more about our partners and how you can help

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